Ag Tech Theft Rises and Food Prices Continue Upward Trend

Ag Tech Theft Rises and Food Prices Continue Upward Trend

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**Just before a recent atmospheric river storm hit California, Governor Gavin Newsom expanded California’s drought emergency.

Experts say the rains, including a record single-day rainfall in Sacramento on October 24th, aren’t enough to end the two-year drought.

Newsom believes California needs to brace itself for an anticipated third drought year, saying “It’s critical that Californians across the state redouble our efforts to save water.”

**A Farm Progress report shows farmers need to keep an eye on their precision ag equipment, such as auto-guidance monitors and antennas, after a string of thefts.

While no one is too sure, the report says it’s either a quick way to make some money, or the computer chip shortage is behind the thefts.

They say the best prevention is to lock everything up at night or unplug precision equipment at night and store it in a safe place.

**Food prices continue to rise, and consumers across the country are adjusting their shopping habits.

A Successful Farming report says overall, food prices were 4.6% higher in September than last year.

Beef prices were up 17%, and pork almost 13% higher than 2020. Eggs were up 12%.

The USDA’s Food Price Outlook is still projecting that higher food prices will ease a bit in 2022, with any future increases more in line with historical averages.

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