Raspberries 2021 Pt 2

Raspberries 2021 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. After averaging over 69-million pounds of raspberries the past five years, Washington grower took a gut punch from Mother Nature this year, with less than 45-million.

Washington Red Raspberry Commission president Henry

Bierlink says the year began without much fanfare …

BIERLINK … “Yeah, I’d say okay, not, it wasn’t dramatic. I think there was some winter damage. We all kind of knew, not dramatic, but we were looking at a good to average season.”

But then, Bierlink says late June hit us hard …

BIERLINK … “It sure did. It sure did. And, our berries were just at the wrong time. Blueberries came off a little, they got hurt, but not crushed. We really got crushed.”

The temps, Bierlink says were unheard of in Whatcom County …

BIERLINK … “Oh yeah! 113, I think it was towards Sumas. And, I mean, it was just, it was incredible.”

Your location, Bierlink says was key …

BIERLINK … “Exactly that. It really varied by location and the type of the status of the crop. You know, like older berries got hurt and just had less canopy, you’ve got no shade, you got hurt more.”

The further inland, Bierlink says the harder the hit …

BIERLINK … “Towards the east, you know, towards the mountains, that was more where the heat zone kind of sat in and they got hurt more. The ones towards the coast were less damaged, but everyone was damaged.”

Raspberry production was just shy of 45-million pounds in 2021, off 32% from last year, down 40% from 2018.

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