Georgia Peanuts Learning Journey and NPPC Applauds ASF Work

Georgia Peanuts Learning Journey and NPPC Applauds ASF Work

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The Georgia Peanut Commission and Georgia Public Broadcast Education have launched of a new virtual learning journey called “Georgia Peanuts.”

This interactive journey, available at, offers students a unique learning experience about the impact peanuts have on Georgia and beyond.

The Georgia Peanuts Virtual Learning Journey targets third through eighth graders … with four sections: History and Origins; Cultivation and Uses; Technology and Economy; and Working with Peanuts.


**The National Pork Producers Council is commending Ag Secretary Vilsack for dedicating $500 million in USDA Commodity Credit Corporation funds for prevention of and preparation for African swine fever, the pig-only disease that would be devastating to U.S. pork.

NPPC President Jen Sorenson thanked Vilsack for providing additional funding for federal efforts to protect America’s 60,000-plus pork producers from this devastating disease.

**The USDA has announced assistance to help schools respond to supply chain disruptions, part of a comprehensive set of investments to address challenges in agriculture today.

USDA is aware some schools are experiencing challenges purchasing and obtaining food for their meal programs and is taking action to ensure that doesn’t interfere with their ability to serve children in their care.

The department is actively engaging to best leverage existing options for addressing potential issues like emergency procurement, higher meal reimbursement rates, and targeted waivers of certain meal standards.

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