Crunch Time in Congress

Crunch Time in Congress

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Trillions in social spending, infrastructure and stop-gap-spending-and-borrowing bills are colliding this week in a ‘perfect legislative storm’ with Democrats divided and Republicans on offense.

And American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duval opposes the Democrats’ go-it-alone social spending bill, despite billions for rural broadband and other Ag efforts …

DUVAL … “You’re talking somewhere between 66 billion to 90 billion, but we’re looking at a $3.5 trillion bill, and $2 trillion worth of tax increases.”

As for the $1 trillion in new infrastructure…

DUVAL … “Well, we are all about infrastructure.”

Even as House liberals threaten to kill it IF moderate Democrats get an infrastructure vote ahead of social spending that liberals cherish …

DUVAL … “Well, we don’t have to make an opinion on both at one time.”

Further complicating things, a possible government shutdown, as Republicans balk at suspending the nation’s borrowing limit to help pay for the Biden agenda …

DUVAL … “Well, a government shutdown never helps anyone, it frustrates everyone, and we would hope that through coming together, from both sides of the aisles, they could find a way around that.”

Especially, Duval says since the stop-gap-debt-limit bill also has $10 billion in fresh agriculture disaster aid.

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