4-H Vax Mandate Pt 2

4-H Vax Mandate Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Governor Inslee’s COVID vaccine mandate is spreading and it’s now been announced that 4-H volunteers have until October 18th to be fully vaccinated to continue their participation in any volunteer activities.

State Senator Judy Warnick says the program relies on volunteers …

WARNICK … “It’s just really frustrating that we’re going to be penalized for trying to help the 4-H program.”

But, Warnick says the Governor just doesn’t seem to get it …

WARNICK … “And I understand that the Governor reacted to our press release by saying, well it only takes one person to be a ‘super-spreader’ … whether they’re paid or not.”

And, Warnick says 4-H is already hurting …

WARNICK … “Without having the folks being able to volunteer, I’m really afraid that we’re going to be hurting the program even more than it might be able to recover, because they were hurt last year.”

As for the Governor, Warnick says he needs to be more flexible …

WARNICK … “I hope he listens. I hope that we can find our way around this, especially for volunteers.

Because, like I said, many of them are already next-door neighbor or a relative of some kind. And, some people just can’t get a vaccine, so I hope he listens.”

With much of the program conducted outside where, Warnick says, safety protocols are already implemented without trampling on people’s conscience or medical decisions.

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