Map My WA Wine Pt 1

Map My WA Wine Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. The Washington Wine Commission is making it possible for everyone to celebrate Washington Wine Month with a brand-new website and mobile app.

The Commission’s Bretty Rawson says has everything you need to experience Washington Wine Country in a new way …

RAWSON … “Our previous website was 12-years old, which in internet age is quite a bit older. So, being able to have this new technology and this new platform, to not only get consumers and fans of Washington wines, get them to know new wineries, but also to tell people’s stories.”

And that, Rawson says is what it’s all about …

RAWSON ... “We’re just really excited with how we’ll be able to tell stories of our winemakers, of our farmers, and everybody in the Washington wine community and industry.”

And as of August 2nd, Rawson says it’s ready to use …

RAWSON … “With the launch of that website, yeah, we’re super excited about the new mobile app, which is called ‘Map My WA Wine.’ So, we kind of joke that it’s sort of the ‘Map My Run’ of the wine industry, but being able to have basically in your back pocket, just an arm’s length away. You know, have access to over a thousand wineries and vineyards in the state.”

And the app, Rawson says makes it all mobile …

RAWSON … “The app is very fun. You can just pop it open and you can search by different regions, by wineries, by vineyards. You can also see events that are happening in your area. And, you can even create and share itineraries with family and friends pretty easily as well.”

Go to to find this new website … OR tune in tomorrow for more on the new ‘MAP MY WA WINE’ app.

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