Virtual Wine Tastings Pt 1

Virtual Wine Tastings Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. It’s not too late. You’ve still got two more opportunities to participate in Auction of Washington Wines ‘Virtual Wine Tastings’ with wine expert and ‘Wine Bible’ author Karen MacNeil.

MacNeil says it’s a great way to learn more about fantastic Washington wines from some great winemakers …

MacNEIL … “They not only know one another, so they’re very comfortable, but they do it from their wineries so it’s not like, I don’t know, putting on a suit and going to New York. People really reveal a lot about themselves. They talk very personably. So, it’s been a great insight into really the fabric of the Washington wine industry.”

The California resident says even she learns a lot …

MacNEIL … “But, certainly, a lot of my followers don’t know very much about the smaller producers in Washington. So, it’s been, you know, a fun way of introducing people to them and I think fun for the Washington producers themselves.”

It’s a great way, MacNeil says to expand the reach of Washington wines …

MacNEIL … “You know, when you do the promotion right you really can, each entities audiences begin to kind of overlap and magnify the others. So, it’s a great way and an economic way to expand your reach if you’re a winery.”

The next Virtual Wine Tasting, about Cabernet Sauvignon, is August 4th

The 5th and last in the series will be held August 25th on Age-worthy white wines.

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