Bronaugh Hits Ground Running Pt 1

Bronaugh Hits Ground Running Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. USDA Deputy Ag Secretary Dr. Jewell Bronaugh has only been on the job a few weeks, but says she is getting up to speed on many issues.

In a recent press conference with farm broadcasters, Dr.

Bronaugh said many topics were front-and-center the minute she took office …

BRONAUGH … “Climate change, really trying to deal with some of the health impacts of COVID, racial equity, and how we're going to build our rural economies back better and have joined Secretary Vilsack in really focusing on those initiatives and others in terms of nutrition and rural broadband and many others.”

One of the issues USDA officials are spending a lot of time on, Bronaugh says is climate-smart agriculture …

BRONAUGH … “First of all, we have had many producers, we've had farmers and ranchers and landowners, who have really been doing things that have protected our climate for years, and we have to acknowledge the great work that's been done for years.”

So, Bronaugh says, let’s keep it moving …

BRONAUGH … “As we think about how we're going to take those practices that we've already been doing and advance those into meeting the goals that the administration has set around climate change, one, this is for USDA whole-of-government effort to address the climate crisis.”

She says USDA CANNOT meet their climate goals without the help of farmers, ranchers, and landowners.

Tune in tomorrow for more from new USDA Undersecretary Dr. Jewel Bronaugh.

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