Drought Help Pt 2

Drought Help Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As mild to extreme drought conditions leave their mark on Western states this year, it’s not something farmers are unfamiliar with. Every year, it’s something!

University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Cliff Mass says some of these drought declarations are made after looking at “subjective” information like the National Drought Index …

MASS … “If you look at the “objective” material, we’re in really pretty good shape overall. I mean, the snowpack is really quite decent, so that’s good. The reservoirs are in good shape. The Yakima reservoir system is full. I mean, that’s a tremendous save. So, I mean, those are all very good things.”

And the rivers, Mass says are in good shape …

MASS … “I mean, they are up there, so that’s really important. They’ve got water. There’ll be enough water in the Columbia. There’ll be enough in the Yakima. The snowpack is good. So, for those using irrigation, you know, which is a lot obviously, they’re going to have the water they need.”

And, Mass says there’s still time …

MASS … “That’s why it’s not the end of the world. And also, June looks like it’s not going to be a dry month. We have some weather systems coming in now and even Eastern Washington will get a piece of that. They may not have so much water in the soil, but they’re not going to dry out as fast because we’re now going to have sort of a cooler weather type of pattern.”

Mass says unfortunately, the rain won’t hit everywhere in Eastern Washington but some areas will be getting at least a little relief.

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