Drought Help Pt 1

Drought Help Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Some so-called “experts” are saying the drought is the worst in years and extreme drought and severe wildfires are almost certain.

But others, like University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Cliff Mass says the recent rains seen in many regions are a little bit of good news …

MASS … “It’s all good news, and then the forecast showing more. And, the Western side is going to get pretty wet really when you go up through the Cascade Crest. Eastern Oregon is going to get more rain, Northeast Washington. So, it’s really good. So, temperatures will not get warm and we’ll get some decent rain in several places where we need it.”

Mass says make no mistake, it has been very dry this spring, but every little bit helps …

MASS … “The dryland farmers have issues. It’s obvious there not going to get a lot. There will be some rain in Eastern Washington, but they’re not going to make up what they lost, that’s for sure.”

Wheat farmers I’ve spoken to say even a little bit of rain would be nice …

MASS … “And they’re probably going to get that. They probably will get enough that’ll sort of moisten up the surface a bit, right, so I think the models are suggesting that, especially in some parts of the state.

But it’s not showing a big flood, no. To make it up all at once it would be a flood. And no, that’s not in the cards.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the forecast and our drought conditions.

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