Asian Giant Hornet Misconceptions Pt 2

Asian Giant Hornet Misconceptions Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The Asian Giant Hornets are an invasive species known for decimating honeybee colonies, spreading fear among many in Washington state after sightings here the past few years.

But, the state Department of Agriculture’s Karla Salp says the so-called “Murder Hornets” are not a huge threat to people and so far sightings have been in just one region …

SALP … “In Washington state we only have confirmed sightings in Whatcom County, and then there have been confirmed sightings also in British Columbia.”

So, Salp says it’s a really tough call …

SALP … “At the Department of Agriculture, we don’t really have expectations per se, because there’s just so little data out there. And, the biggest question mark is that there’s not good data on how far the mated queens will disperse after leaving their nests.”

That’s why, Salp says for now, the area of focus is narrow …

SALP … “The agency is not trapping anywhere outside of Whatcom County, but we are encouraging citizens, scientists, trappers, especially in those kind of like nearby counties. So, Skagit, Whatcom, San Juan, Island, and then Clallum and Jefferson just because we don’t have any confirmed sightings in Clallum and Jefferson, but we’ve had some things that we just can’t quite totally explain.”

Salp says go to if you have any questions about identifying, trapping, or reporting the Asian Giant Hornet.

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