Oregon Wine Month 2021 Pt 1

Oregon Wine Month 2021 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. May is Oregon Wine Month and if you aren’t already tuned in to the activities, there is plenty of fun and celebration, both virtual and live, to be had this year.

Oregon Wine Board’s Sally Murdoch says one of campaign they’re really excited about is called “Pour it Forward” …

MURDOCH … “That is kind of a riff on NPR’s ‘Play it Forward’ where a musician talks about what they listen to at home and what musicians they love. And, we thought let’s apply this to Oregon wine and see what the winemakers drink at home or on their own or when they’re not drinking their own wines.”

Murdoch says it includes little bits of Oregon wine insight from many sources …

MURDOCH … “We’re collecting a daisy chain of videos and they can record them themselves and it’s just 60 seconds or less and that is hosted on Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter.”

The reaction so far, Murdoch says has been great …

MURDOCH … “In the first week I think we had 9,000 views. It’s just Oregon’s take on story telling via stories about winemakers liking each other’s products and loving each other’s products and recommending them. It’s something that’s pretty endemic to Oregon’s collaboration and it’s really fun to see the names and faces and who they’re recommending all over the state.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on Oregon Wine Month and the celebration at hand.

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