Oregon Wine Month 2021 Pt 2

Oregon Wine Month 2021 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Oregon Wine Month is in full swing with many activities for wine lovers to enjoy, both live and virtually.

We told you yesterday about the online video stories about Oregon wine on “Pour it Forward,” but Oregon Wine Board’s Sally Murdoch says there’s a live component too…

MURDOCH … “We’ve also got a sweepstakes for Oregon Wine Month that’s twice as big as usual. We’ve got a sweepstakes that goes to the Rogue Valley and one that goes to the Willamette Valley. And, those tend to get a lot of fervor and excitement and have a lot of fun also laced with them.”

Murdoch says they’ve also got a series of four online seminars by their Master of Wine, Bree Stock …

MURDOCH … “It seems like people are really interested in the Oregon story and what makes our region so understated, you know, and what the stories are behind them, and what the soils are all about, and what the topography is all about. And, Bree goes into that in great detail. And then those are hosted on our site.”

To find all the activities, Murdoch says it’s all on their website …

MURDOCH … “Go to www.oregonwine.org/oregonwinemonth/ and you’ll come right to it. You’ll see our new branding too. We’re really proud of it, rolling it out and we’ve got some logos and some new banners. And, so people will be treated to a new look and feel.”

Activities also include outdoor tastings, virtual cooking classes, trivia contests, wine and food pairings, trip planning and much more.

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