Deadline for State Ag Grants

Deadline for State Ag Grants

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Today is the final day for Colorado agricultural processors and manufacturers to apply for grant funding through the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

The CDA received an allocation of $312,000 through the Governor’s Office to support Colorado ag processors and manufacturers.

Applicants will be awarded funds through a competitive process administered by CDA’s Markets Division and the Colorado Agricultural Value-Added Development Board.

Trotta” “it’s a really easy process. We’re looking for things that will help move the needle on agricultural and food businesses, and beverages business infrastructure, increasing market productivity, opening new product pathways. There’s a lot of interesting ideas out there and organizations and businesses that have applied that we hope will do exactly what we are hoping the grant will do which is to increase productivity overall.”

Danielle Trotta, CDA Marketing Specialist.

These “move the Needle grant funds come on the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic which revealed serious weaknesses in the food production and supply chain systems. The new funds are designed to strengthen local food systems, create greater resilience, and drive advancement within Colorado’s food and agriculture value chain.

Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg said, “This grant program is a starting place for meaningful investment in one of Colorado’s driving economies.”

Today is the final day application will be accepted for the processors and manufacturers grant. Applicants have until 11:59 pm

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