Vilsack on U.S. Fresh Potatoes to Mexico Pt 1

Vilsack on U.S. Fresh Potatoes to Mexico Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. With the U.S. potato industry watching closely over what happens with Mexico’s acceptance of our fresh potato imports, I recently asked Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack for his take on the difficulties in our trade with Mexico under the USMCA.

Vilsack says funny you should ask …

VILSACK … “Well, the second person I talked to, from the perspective of foreign ag ministers was the Secretary of Agriculture from Mexico and the first topic that I brought up with the Secretary, after basically talking about the importance of USMCA enforcement and implementation, was the issue of potatoes.”

And that, Vilsack says may take some time …

VILSACK … “Right now we are waiting on a decision from the Mexican Supreme Court as to whether or not the Mexican government, at the time they’d established a rule, that would have opened up more opportunities for our potato growers.”

But, Vilsack says Mexican growers are pushing back …

VILSACK … “That rule was contested by the potato industry in Mexico. It’s gone up through their court systems to their final court. We’re waiting for a ruling from the final court. Our hope is that it’s a positive ruling.”

And the Secretary, Vilsack says was upbeat …

VILSACK … “Secretary Villalobos has suggested that he was confident that it might very well be a positive outcome. We’ll see. It may or may not. But, if it is then that would open the door for more opportunities.”

Tune in tomorrow to hear more from the Ag Secretary and what might happen if those opportunities are slow to come.

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