Huskie FX

Huskie FX

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.

Kevin Thorsness


What new herbicide offerings can growers look forward to from Bayer this season?

Launching Huskie® FX herbicide as the new addition to the Huskie brand family of herbicides for cereal growers in 2021.

Can be applied to a broad spectrum of registered crops, such as spring wheat, winter wheat, sorghum, and barley.

What other offerings does Bayer have to combat the weed issues growers are facing?

Bayer offers Huskie, Huskie FX and Huskie Complete to help combat the weed issues that fits your needs.

Huskie: Strong efficacy against key broadleaf weeds, along with excellent tankmix flexibility enabling the grower to select the most appropriate grass herbicide to address their needs. Strong Resistance Management profile, including herbicide group 6 & 27.

Huskie FX: Broader spectrum broadleaf control, with improved efficacy against key driver weeds, including Kochia. The built-in resistance management of Huskie® FX helps protect the viability of group 4 herbicides (fluroxypyr), while continuing to bring the efficacy growers rely on with the Huskie family of products.

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