Ag Workers Next Up For COVID Vaccine

Ag Workers Next Up For COVID Vaccine

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Colorado’s food and ag workers could be rolling up their sleeves in a matter of days to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg tells Colorado Ag Today that things are moving very quickly toward the next phase of the vaccine rollout which is Phase 1B3.

Greenberg: “And within that phase is specifically delineated critical front line food and ag workers. We are all hands on deck supporting state staff, the National Guard, Public Health, ag businesses, ag worker organizations in what that rollout will look like for greatest effectiveness and greatest equity.

Greenberg says the target date for rollout is this week.

Greenberg: “ That totally depends on federal vaccine dose quantities. This next phase is about 1.5 million people, many of who are in food and ag. It’s really exciting. It’s also very daunting logistically so we are doing everything we can to get our community on board.

Commissioner Greenberg adds that Colorado is seeing very positive signs toward getting out from under the pandemic.

Greenberg: A number of counties have moved down the COVID Dial which is reducing restrictions, increasing capacity. I think there is a feeling of Spring, in a number of ways.”

Food and ag workers, including those in grocery stores, will be eligible for the vaccine along with, workers in the postal service, public health, transit, manufacturing, and faith and human services in the next phase.

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