Winter Storm Uri

Winter Storm Uri

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Most of the United States is feeling the impact of Winter Storm Uri, as below-freezing temperatures and snow flurries swept across the country. Places like northern Minnesota experienced tempertres as low as -35 degrees. Texas saw temperatures around 10 degrees or even lower and snowfall across the state, even in cities like Austin and San Antonio. The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport saw around 3 inches of snow. The storm has even canceled around 5,600 flights as of Monday morning.

As for the South East, heavy rain and wind, with several tornado watches have been in effect, but northern Georiga and Alabama will see temperatures below 30 degrees later this week, with Florida remaining around a warmer 35 degrees.

This quick cold front has led to many farmers and ranchers scrambling to protect crops and livestock that normally don't experience extreme weather like we are seeing. Some farmers in South Texas for example are hoping not to lose entire crops to the unexpected freezing temperatures.

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