Certified Angus Beef Brand

Certified Angus Beef Brand

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Uniquely not-for-profit and owned by ranchers, the Certified Angus Beef brand drives value in the beef supply chain from beginning to end. It’s the original premium beef program but even after 42 years, many cattlemen still have questions on how it works for them, according to Kara Lee, CAB Assistant Director of Producer Engagement.

*“That's something we're very, very proud of as a brand and the fact we do not take any dollars out of the pocket of cattle producers, and instead we are driving those Certified Angus Beef premiums back into the pocket of producers through the consumer demand that we are able to build through our partners. Obviously, having that diverse portfolio of food service, retail, international, there are a lot of different places that product can go on once it leaves the packing plant, and we are unique in the fact that as a brand, as a company, Certified Angus Beef never owns a pound of product, we never own cattle.”*

Through its global network of licensed partners, the company creates what’s called a pull-through demand model: more consumers knowing and asking for the brand means more demand for registered Angus cattle…tape

*“When the consumer is willing to pay more, we know that packers are willing to pay more for those high-quality Angus influenced feeder calves. When the feeder is willing to pay more for those calves, we know that the commercial cow-calf producer is willing to, in turn, pay more for high-quality registered Angus bulls in order to upgrade the quality of the calves that they're weaning off every year. While many pieces that this beef supply chain can feel very segmented, we know that they're all very directly tied together in terms of achieving that overall mission statement.”*

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