Gas Tax and Agriculture Pt 3

Gas Tax and Agriculture Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Having the most expensive fuel in the nation is the goal of a series of proposals that include a carbon tax, clean fuels program and a gas tax increase.

The Washington Farm Bureau’s Breanne Elsey says it’s another case of pitting the haves against the have nots during these difficult times …

ELSEY … “This package didn’t really acknowledge the real suffering of, kind of, working class folks in the pandemic. And, I think the pandemic has really highlighted the stark difference between two classes of workers.”

It’s an easy call, Elsey says when it’s not likely to cost them much …

ELSEY … “So, how convenient is it to find that you are in a profession that can Zoom from your kitchen table and you can write this historic tax package and then you can take the bill for it and hand it to the folks that have to drive to work every day?”

And as usual, Elsey says it involves politics …

ELSEY … “He pulled all of the bonding out of this package and just needs a simple majority, which means that the majority party can just steamroll this whole package through without a single Republican vote. And that is not typical in a transportation package.”

Elsey says it’s kind of a helpless feeling …

ELSEY … “So, not only is it the largest ever, it will have the least amount of bipartisan effort in combination and negotiation and stake holding to get this passed.”

Elsey says contact your Representative and let them know where you stand as quickly as possible.

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