WineVit 2021 Pt 2

WineVit 2021 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. WineVit™, that until this year was known as the Washington Winegrowers Convention, will be held virtually this year thanks to the pandemic, over several days, March 9th through the 23rd.

Those dates, according to Washington Winegrowers Sara Higgins are also a little later than usual …

HIGGINS … “Normally our convention is in February, and that really takes advantage of the time when, you know, maybe things aren’t as quiet as they can be in the vineyards and the wineries so that people can actually attend networking and education events, but things are never really quiet are they?”

Higgins says the programs are still being finalized, but they will have plenty of great speakers and, of course, the convention wouldn’t be complete without the trade show …

HIGGINS … “I would be remiss too if I didn’t mention the annual Poster Sessions that we have as part of WineVit™. The reason that that is so important is that that is an opportunity for the industry to get some information, get a handle on what’s going on in the world of research for the industry.”

So, Higgins says don’t wait …

HIGGINS … “I think the key piece is Registration is open right now and we will have some details on the content, coming very soon, so we encourage people to, again, take advantage of the physical distancing, but the social connecting.”

For more on this year’s WineVit™ just go to … where you can find schedules and all the registration details.

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