WineVit 2021 Pt1

WineVit 2021 Pt1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. This year’s Washington Winegrowers Convention, like just about every other convention, is taking on a new look, or at least a new format!

Washington Winegrower’s Sara Higgins says the convention is taking on a new name this year, but it’s still the biggest get together for wine folks every year …

HIGGINS-3 = 14 … “WineVit™, formerly known as the Wine Grower’s Convention, targets growers, vintners, winery and vineyard owners, vineyard managers, winemakers, marketing and sales managers, winery staff, it’s for the industry. It’s the one place where industry gathers each year.”

But, Higgins says the format has taken on a high-tech format given the pandemic …

HIGGINS-1 = 16 … “Our board did make the decision to transition from our planned in-person event to a virtual event in the interest of compliance with guidelines out there and promoting safety for our attendees. So, ‘we are physically distancing, but we are socially connecting’.”

And this, Higgins says has pushed the date out a little from the typical convention held in February …

HIGGINS-2 = 23 … “The dates look a little bit different than our usual in-person. We’ve stretched it out a little bit over March 9th through the 23rd. While we actually do have content for nine days, we aren’t going to ask folks to attend the nine days. We’ve blocked about two hours on various days to deliver content that balances their learning with folk’s work schedule.”

Higgins says registration is now open at … where you can also check out updates to the program schedule.

Tune in tomorrow for more on WineVit™.

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