Personal Factors Influencing Entry into Co Ag

Personal Factors Influencing Entry into Co Ag

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

A young San Luis Valley farmer is hoping to reduce barriers for other young agricultural professionals in Colorado.

Jordyn Neely works on her family’s Real West Farms when she’s not busy gathering data for her master's degree thesis in Applied Anthropology.

As part of her work, Neely created a survey to help identify what makes people want to get into the agriculture profession.

Neely: “ I got started with this survey because looked around my community and there’s a lot of us who are under 35 who are pursuing ag even though we know it’s a tough industry to be in. So I just wanted to be able to identify why people are doing that so maybe we can help people better. But also get some more interest in agriculture, whether ths survey finds that ag education is really important in highschools or maybe people getting exposed to ag in college is more important. Or maybe it’s just an innate thing you’re born with and find your way into. That’s kind of the goal of this survey to identify what those factors may be and why people want to get involved so maybe we can make it a little bit more accessible.”

Neely is looking for Coloradans between 18 and 35 years old, and who are either currently involved, aspiring to be involved, or have previously been involved in agriculture. This study is open to farmers, ranchers, those in ag education, agribusiness, ag law and policy, and any other facet of the industry.

A link for the survey can be found at


Jordyn Neely with any questions about the study at or 719.849.8670

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