Economic Survey Open to Georgia Farmers

Economic Survey Open to Georgia Farmers

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
Here with your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I’m Tim Hammerich.

For the second time since March, the University of Georgia is conducting a survey to understand the impact of the pandemic on Georgia’s agricultural industry.

McCann… “Now we want to know really, how did it impact you? How much did it impact your 2020? And then the other thing that's occurred since the first survey is there has been the two CFAP programs have come out. I'd like to see that our producers have taken advantage of those CFAP programs.”

That’s Dr. Mark McCann, Assistant Dean for Extension and leader for Ag and Natural Resource Programming for UGA Extension. He says it’s very important to get this data collected to understand how the pandemic has affected Georgia’s agricultural producers.

McCann… “It's a strong message that we can send out to both through media and to our decision makers about the impact. And we don't always have those kind of venues or numbers to share. And so I'm really big on taking advantage of them when we can get them pulled together. I think if we look at some of our disaster relief with Hurricane Michael would indicate the power of having real numbers to work from.”

UGA is hoping to get all of the surveys collected before the Christmas holiday, so please fill your’s out this week. You can find it on any of the partnering organizations’ websites.

McCann… “So Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Farm Bureau, UGA Extension, Foundation fo Agriculture, Georgia Grown all have it on their websites.”

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