National Grange on Gallup Poll Pt 3

National Grange on Gallup Poll Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. In a recent Gallup Poll, Farming and Agriculture have moved, for the first time, to the top spot of industries viewed most positively, followed by the grocery and restaurant industries at 2 and 3.

Besides making it clear just how ESSENTIAL the food supply chain is, National Grange president, Betsy Huber says this survey creates an opportunity …

HUBER … “I think we need to continue telling the story, capitalize on this poll that’s pretty clear picture of the high regard that consumers hold farmers and anything to do with food.”

And, Huber says it should sends a very clear message …

HUBER … “I think it also should be a sign to our government leaders that farmers are very important and consumers, I think, I hope wills support the aid that they need through these hard times.”

So, Huber says the biggest take-away …

HUBER … “I think just a greater appreciation for farming and restaurants, essential workers, not only health-care workers, which are certainly essential, but farmers. It’s great to see that the public has recognized that farmers and food providers are essential.”

69% of the survey respondents viewed farming and agriculture positively, followed by the grocery industry at 63% and restaurants at 61%.

The federal government ranked last at 30%.

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