Thanksgiving Organics and Soybean Exports to Brazil

Thanksgiving Organics and Soybean Exports to Brazil

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
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**Pandemic-related effects have changed both the supply and demand of lumber, sending prices to record highs.

Analysts say lumber production slowed due to stay-at-home and social-distancing guidelines affecting mills.

At the same time, more lumber has been purchased for work on home repair and expansion projects.

Lumber prices have declined sharply since mid-September, but remain higher than previous records set in 2018.

**Carrots, potatoes, lettuce, onions and tomatoes were among the top 10 categories by volume in the third-quarter Organic Produce Performance Report. reports, as weather cools and meal preparation turns to heartier fare, organic vegetables are likely to play a significant role.

Thanksgiving traditionally is a big occasion for certain organic produce items, but Brian Peixoto, sales manager for Calif.-based Lakeside Organic Gardens says it’s uncertain what conditions will be like this year because of the COVID-19.

**A U.S. grain export terminal near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has loaded about 38,000 ton of U.S. soybeans for shipment to Brazil.

That’s unusual, according to, because Brazil is the world's top exporter of soybeans and almost never needs imports.

But this year, Brazilian growers have sold huge volumes to top importer China, leaving little for domestic consumption and that has led to prices rising for animal feeding and meatpacking operations in Brazil, and contributed to food inflation.

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