Hurricane Delta Approaches

Hurricane Delta Approaches

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
I’m Tim Hammerich with your Southeast Regional Ag Report.

The 25th named storm of the 2020 season and the fourth hurricane in as many months to make landfall in the U.S. is projected to arrive late Friday or early Saturday. Here’s USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey.

Rippey… “The forecast track for Hurricane Delta suggests that it will come in somewhere, either along the Louisiana Coastline or possibly as far east, as Southern sections of Mississippi or Alabama and a remote chance that it could be as far east, as far Western Florida.”

The timing for Hurricane Delta could not be worse, as many farmers have already been kept from harvesting due to previous storms.

Rippey… “What is a little bit concerning about this forecast track is that it could double up on one of the previous storms.”

Rippey says the likely path is towards Louisiana where they will be trying to harvest sugar cane. However it is plausible that it could hit as far east as Alabama or Florida.

Rippey… “Regardless of where the system goes, whether it's through Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta region or further east into Alabama and Western Florida, there are likely to be significant impacts.”

Those impacts will be felt by farmers, many of whom have already been dealing with a challenging year. We will continue to keep you updated on this storm system and its impacts on southeast agriculture.

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