September is for Chile Peppers

September is for Chile Peppers

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Pueblo’s Chile & Frijoles Festival like many others this year will look a lot different. Last year planners estimate that up to 160, 000 locals and visitors paraded down Union Avenue. This year the number will likely be closer to 5 thousand.

The 2020 version will resemble 1994’s original festival. During the 26th Annual Pueblo Chile & Frijoles THROWBACK Fest, there will be two downtown areas designated for farmers markets with Pueblo grown chile roasting on Saturday 9/26 and Sunday 9/27. Patrons will be able to purchase their produce in a safe and socially distanced outdoor environment.

Because of a limit on the number of visitors allowed in designated areas, the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce has launched a curbside service where customers can order their chiles online and pick them up to-go.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is featuring the famous Pueblo Chile in its Colorado Proud campaign. Marketing Specialist Wendy White:

White:” Coloradans especially are fond of our Pueblo chiles. The roasters are out there, the farm stands especially in the Pueblo area selling both fresh and roasted chiles. So people can stock up and use the famous chiles throughout the year. It’s really a flavorful pepper that’s meaty. They’re really well known for the Mirasol variety that grows up toward the sun.”

White says the Colorado Proud website has a recipe for Beer Queso from Chef Jason Morse.

White:” If you add cheese, bacon, and Pueblo chiles and throw in a little beer, I don’t think you can go wrong there.”

This has been a good year for chile farmers who say the rain stopped at just the right time to allow the pepper plants to grow.

Visit for the Beer Queso recipe

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