Farmers Markets Thrive

Farmers Markets Thrive

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The National Farmers Market Managers Report says 8,140 markets were running in 2019.

The largest number of markets operated during June through September.. Twenty-one percent of the markets operated year round.

Saturday was the most common day of operation at more than 52 percent.

Fruits and vegetables are the most common food category sold at 99.6 percent of markets, followed by condiments and sauces at 94.1 percent.

The percent of markets that had locally grown labeling totaled nearly 85 percent.

There are more than 50 farmers markets in Colorado. Rosalind May is Executive Director of the Colorado Farmers Markets Coalition and says despite concerns about COVID consumers are still turning out this summer.

May: “People are observing social distancing. Lines are spread out if they need to be. Booths are set up far apart. People are wearing masks. And people are delighted to be out shopping in the fresh air, even if they’re not able to spend a long time at the market socializing. It’s an environment that’s not stressful to do your grocery shopping.”

Farmers Markets also serve families who are struggling financially. 4,076 markets accepted Federal Nutrition Programs..

On an average market day, 916 households shopped across markets in the U.S. and spent $14,547 per farmers market.

The USDA will use the data to evaluate potential expansion opportunities and target access to nutritional foods and to market nutritional education.

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