Manufacturing Ag Inputs

Manufacturing Ag Inputs

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
I’m Tim Hammerich with your Southeast Regional Ag Report.

The growing season is still happening for many southeast crops, but agribusinesses are already ramping up manufacturing of ag inputs for next year.

There are a variety of agricultural input manufacturers but many of them work with Valdosta, Georgia - based CJB Applied Technologies. Here’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jim Loar.

Loar… “Basically we're a contract development company. We do formulation development, product development, product testing. We do consulting on product formulations and product development. We have lab, greenhouse, pilot plant facilities. And have some new technologies that we'll be bringing to the marketplace in the coming years under our own brand also.”

Loar says they not only develop and co-manufacturer ag inputs for these companies, but they also help solve product problems as they arise.

Loar… “One thing that's really interesting for me is all the, I'll call it product recovery challenges that people provide us with. You know, people produce a product and you know, it settles out or it's not performing. And so we get to try to salvage it and make it work. And then in many cases, then get the opportunity to work with them, to reformulate it into a higher quality product.”

The Valdosta-based company is in an important part of the ag industry that many people don’t even realize exists.

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