Agricultural Fair Relief and NPPC Prioritizes COVID Relief

Agricultural Fair Relief and NPPC Prioritizes COVID Relief

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**With many fair cancellations across the country, California Representative Jimmy Panetta and Missouri Rep.

Billy Long are urging the inclusion of strong support for state and county agricultural fairs in the next COVID-19 relief package. reports, in a letter to House leadership, the Congressmen said with the average age of a farmer being 57, it is imperative to engage and encourage young people to pursue agricultural careers.

According to the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, fairs earn $4.67 billion for the U.S. economy and supports thousands of jobs.

**Efforts have slowed to reach voluntary agreements on river flows to benefit protected fish, as federal and state administrations focus on litigation over management of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The voluntary agreements could avoid severe cuts to water supplies for people in the northern San Joaquin Valley.

But efforts to negotiate agreements have stalled, as state and federal administrations disagree about delta operations.

**National Pork Producers Council’s top priority is a new COVID congressional relief package that includes much-needed financial assistance to U.S. pork producers.

At a press conference last week, NPPC Vice President Nick Giordano said we’re going to lose a lot of hog farmers, but the question is how many. It will depend on not only the continued impact of COVID, but what kind of support the federal government is able to provide.

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