Virtual Wine Tastings Pt 3

Virtual Wine Tastings Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. The Auction of Washington Wines is hosting a series of virtual wine tastings that feature discussions with some of the state’s top winemakers.

Host and Honorary Chair of the 2020 Auction, Karen MacNeil says sign ups and information can be found on her website, …

MacNEIL … “Yes, and you can when you see the schedule on Wine Speed for the Washington series, there will be a link right there too if you want to buy the wines, for all of them, for any of them. The wines are packed and ready to go.”

This virtual series, MacNeil says is also great for those looking to learn more about wine …

MacNEIL … “So, I think a lot of people, though it’s a terrible time for our country I know, a lot of people are using bits of this time to learn about different things that they’ve always wanted to learn about. So, this is a perfect way to do that right now.”

Given Washington’s recent wine history, MacNeil says this is a great opportunity …

MacNEIL … “Quite extraordinary really. Washington has, in the last 20-years, has built a phenomenal industry. And it’s, of course, very difficult. You know, you only get one chance to do something once a year. Wine industries take decades and usually centuries to establish. So, Washington has been at kind of warp speed for the last three decades,”

Go to to sign up for any or all of the remaining six virtual tastings and to learn more about them. The next one is Thursday at 4pm.

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