CFAP Aid for Tree Fruit Pt 2

CFAP Aid for Tree Fruit Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. As the coronavirus impacts continue to develop for agriculture, Tree fruit growers are in the process of learning how much assistance might be possible from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

Northwest Horticultural Council president, Mark Powers says answers to qualification questions could be evolving as we go …

POWERS … “I think you’re right. Obviously, we as a tree fruit industry are not familiar with how assistance programs work or direct check subsidies work, we’re traditionally not subsidized. And so, we’re not in the system as you correctly point out.”

But, Powers says signups began last week, so first things first …

POWERS … “So, just getting your name in, getting the amount of land you produce on, there’s some very basic information that you have to provide, but obviously the intent is, as a result of that effort, to get some money on the back end.”

In the meantime, Powers says there are plenty of unanswered questions …

POWERS … “We’re working with USDA and the US Apple Association to understand the calculations that went into determining eligibility and why apple growers don’t currently qualify and see if there’s some information that we could provide that would change that.”

Powers says there are other components of the program that apples and pears do qualify for, but answers will need to learned to many questions first.

Listen tomorrow for more.

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