Honey Bee Research WSU Pt 1

Honey Bee Research WSU Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. It’s all the “buzz” in Eastern Washington! And, it’s coming from Othello where Washington State University last month had the ribbon cutting ceremony for its new Honey Bee & Pollinator Research, Extension and Education Facility.

WSU Dept of Entomology Chair, Laura Lavine says for the sake of pollination, this is very good news …

LAVINE … “So, we’re super excited! Through some generous donor support from folks who really believe in research extension education, who personally benefited through their lifetimes and who are very linked in through Washington State University, we were able to purchase this facility that was built in 2010.”

Lavine says this facility will be used to expand their capacity for honey bee and pollinator research …

LAVINE … “Currently we have faculty members, primarily in the Department of Entomology, but also in some of our other units across campus, that do work on honey bees and pollinators towards finding better ways to increase efficiencies and reduce impacts.”

It’s a great way, Lavine says to things humming …

LAVINE … “Everyone knows that honey bees are really important for our food supplies and other pollinators as well. And so, we are planning on this being a hub and a center for honey bee and pollinator research for our region and particularly for the state of Washington.”

Listen tomorrow for more on WSU’s brand new Honey Bee & Pollinator Research facility in Othello.

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