Honey Bee and Pollinator Research at WSU Pt 3

Honey Bee and Pollinator Research at WSU Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Washington State University has purchased a facility on nearly 50-acres of land in Othello where they will expand its research on honey bees and pollinators.

Department of Entomology Chair Laura Lavine says so far they’ve raised over $3-million to expand their honey bee and pollinator research, but this first year will be spent getting the facility up and running …

LAVINE … “So, while we had the money to purchase the facility, we still have to buy, so the one guy needs to have, they have about a 150 hives now. They want to have 500 hives. So, they’re looking for the money to do that and we need to outfit it with microscopes and we’re planning on holding workshops and conferences there, particularly some of our beekeeping courses. Those have been done in Pullman, but we’re going to move them to this facility and everyone’s very excited about that. But, now, with the pandemic, all things are kind of on hold.”

I asked Lavine is anyone was interested in donating to the honey bee and pollinator cause, could they? …

LAVINE … “Heck yeah!! We have a wonderful website. It’s www.bees.wsu.edu and you can find out information on our programs there and also there’s a link to “giving.”

But, Lavine says bottom line ...

LAVINE … “Yeah, we’d appreciate that, but this really is for the citizens of Washington state first and foremost.”

And again, WSU’s Honey Bee and Pollinator Research website is www.bees.wsu.edu

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