Orchard Data in Real-Time

Orchard Data in Real-Time

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

Farmers continue to find innovative ways to become more and more efficient. Modern technology helps farms better understand where further efficiencies might be achieved. One of those technologies is FieldIn.

Founded in 2013, Fieldin’s Control Center helps specialty crop growers leverage real-time data to manage and optimize spray applications, harvest activities and other field activities.

Sales Administrator Sam Looper explains how the technology collects data on the equipment and even the operators themselves.

Looper..”So we can track tractors, machinery, rigs, and we can even get down to the operator. So if you want to track your operators, the operators would get a simple tag that they can wear around a key chain or any type of identification device, keep it in their pocket, and they can tag in when they go inside a tractor…

...And then that piece that they're tagging into is really the essential hardware. So it just goes into the corner of the tractor. You don't even really notice it's there cause it's not very big. It just ties directly into that tractor. And then we put small tags on all the implements and all the sprayers...

...Just a small little bit of software. So you got your keys if you want that for your operators and you have that control center inside the cab of the tractor. And then you're also on the sprayer. Tagging it so we know what you're hooking up to. So if you use that tractor to use it for a sprayer and to pull something else behind it, we can identify what's being hooked up to that tractor and what's it being used for. So on our platform we can get it categorized right.”

FieldIn was selected to the John Deere Startup Collaborator program. Learn more at FieldIn.com.

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