CSU College of Agriculture Receives 10M from Nutrien

CSU College of Agriculture Receives 10M from Nutrien

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

A large investment in Colorado State University by Nutrien is expected to attract top talent and make the College of Ag Sciences among the best in the country.

Nutrien, a global company with offices in Loveland, provides crop inputs and expert agronomic services. It has agreed to providing CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences $1 million each year over the next 10 years.

This $10 million gift will fund state-of-the-art research and teaching initiatives on campus and provide scholarship support to students

James Pritchett, interim dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences said he’s excited for CSU students because Nutrien’s gift is transformational for attracting, retaining and placing talent in agriculture.

Pritchett:” This Nutrien partnership is going to catalyze a lot of opportunities for us.”

The school listed some of the enhancements coming thanks to the partnership as scholarships for students, focusing on education and success of women and students from diverse backgrounds.

Program enhancements to help students become career-ready in the field of agriculture, and ensuring they persist in their studies through graduation and placement in the industry.

Funding to attract top talent in the application of technology to agricultural problems including food safety, security and sustainability.

Sponsorship of high-impact engagement and educational events at the nexus of technology, innovation and agriculture, such as CSU’s AgInnovation Summit.

Sponsorship of the Nutrien Ag Day BBQ each fall, held annually to coincide with a home football game.

The College of Agricultural Sciences’ Shepardson Building will be renamed the Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building. The 1938 building is currently being remodelled with a 41,000-square-foot expansion with funds from the State of Colorado and CSU.

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