2020 Should see a New Contact Herbicide Called Scout

2020 Should see a New Contact Herbicide Called Scout

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh
Glufosinate ammonium also known as Scout is new herbicide soon to be registered for nut crops.

Monte Peckinpah is a crop advisor and territory manager for Valent USA. He's based in Visalia. Valent is the registrant for Scout herbicide

“It’s a great contact herbicide to control emerged weeds, such as grasses and broadleafs,” said Peckinpah. “So that's going to be a new product choice for customers and PCA's to use in 2020.”

It will be an herbicide for all tree nut crops and vineyards. “It will be alternative to glyphosate,” Peckinpah said,

In more news, self-fruitful almond varieties are being grown throughout California. Currently, we have Independence and Shasta. Tom Burchell is with Burchell Nursery, which released Shasta and he said he is working on another self-fruitful varieties, which showed well at a recent Crack-out meeting at the office of Almond Board.

“We took a couple to the show. One is called Pyrenees ripens about 15 days, two weeks later than Nonpareil, so it spreads out that harvest window,” Burchell said. “And that one ranked number one, as far as the taste goes on the blind taste test number one, and from the United States. There was one other almond from Australia that ranked just higher on taste, but Pyrenees was number two in the world on taste as far as the crack out day. But number one, in the United States,

Burchell said he enjoys the flavor of the Pyrenees variety that he is working on.

“We incorporated some of that amaretto type of flavor in it,” he said.

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