PNW Christmas Trees Pt 1

PNW Christmas Trees Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. When we buy produce, it’s nice to buy local. It’s fresher and it supports the local growers, right? So, since the Northwest is the leading Christmas tree producing region, why not buy local?

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association director Angie Smith says if you’re still looking for that tree, tis the season …

SMITH … “Go to your local U-cut grower operation and support local, sustainable businesses. You can go cut down your own tree or many of them will also cut down the tree for you as you pick it out. So, you get something that’s fresh and you get something that’s sustainable.”

Afterall, Smith says we are number one!

SMITH … “Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees in the nation, followed by Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, not necessarily in that order. But, yes, the Pacific Northwest, and we export a lot of Christmas trees so you’ll be helping the economy if you buy local.”

Smith says we are paying a little more this year …

SMITH … “We are seeing a slight increase in the pricing of about 3 to 5-percent. Again, I don’t think that that’s a dramatic price increase, but because of the tighter supply situation or just because of economics 101, there is a small increase in price this year.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on benefits of buying REAL Northwest Christmas trees.

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