The Cosmic Crisp is Here Pt 1

The Cosmic Crisp is Here Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. In a galaxy/orchard far, far away … actually right here in Washington state … the Cosmic Crisp apple was developed … and NOW it has hit store shelves for the first time.

Proprietary Variety Management’s Kathryn Grandy says the long-awaited Cosmic Crisp is finally here and will not disappoint …

GRANDY … “It’s the quintessential apple, in my opinion. It’s beautiful. It’s firm and crispy and delicious, and it stores well long so it potentially is a great export apple. And, we see it as a 12-month apple at retail and we will have the volume to provide the apples year-round.”

Grandy says a lot of time was spent “developing” the Cosmic Crisp, but it won’t stop there …

GRANDY … “The industry quality-standards committee, with PVM and WSU, will continue to look at those standards throughout this first year and, you know, it will be basically a working document and working plan.”

Grandy says this year, supply will be somewhat limited at around 500-thousand 40-pound boxes … but …

GRANDY … “In 2020, we have 2,095,000 boxes of apples, so the volume is really accelerating. And then, 2021 it’s 5.6-million boxes, but it takes a lot of an apple to cover our retail market nationally and 12-months a year.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the “big apple” news of Washington state’s Cosmic Crisp release.

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