Specialty Apple Plates Pt 2

Specialty Apple Plates Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Specialty license plates in Washington state raise awareness for more than 50 causes ranging from square dancing to lighthouses to the Seahawks, but NOT for our top agricultural commodity Washington Apples.

Republican State Senator Brad Hawkins figured it’s about time …

HAWKINS … “The apple industry is something that we’re all very proud of, certainly here in North Central Washington and throughout the state. The agricultural industry is a tremendous economic driver for our state. We ship a lot of our apples domestically, but internationally as well.”

Given all that, Hawkins says it took very little persuasion …

HAWKINS … “So, when the Washington Apple Commission approached me with this request, I was more than happy to work on their behalf.”

Hawkins says raising money for college scholarships for our tree fruit industry is reason enough …

HAWKINS … “So, to raise awareness of our tree fruit industry is something that I’d be eager to do. And, this is the type of bill that is not something that I anticipate opposition to, but in a short session getting anything passed is always difficult and nothing is a given.”

But, Hawkins that’s no reason not to try …

HAWKINS … “So, we’ll be working closely with the tree fruit industry to try to secure passage of this bill this year.”

The Washington Apple Education Foundation is an organization that provides scholarships for our farm worker’s and orchardist’s families.

To sign a petition supporting the Apple Plates … go to …


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