USMEF on Exports and Trade Pt 3

USMEF on Exports and Trade Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. With the trade deal recently ratified by Japan, the outlook for putting a bow on the USMCA and the back and forth between U.S. and China are some of the positives and potential for a very good year ahead in 2020.

U.S. Meat Export Federation Chairman, Cevin Jones says he’s feeling pretty good about our chances …

JONES … “Yeah, I think I’m feeling optimistic, so I think yeah we should be able to get some of the things done. So, China, you know, if it happens, I would be grateful. If not, I mean, I guess we’ll keep working towards it.”

While it is important, Jones says, China isn’t the only market in the world …

JONES … “But we’ve still got enough good things going on in different fronts. We’re diversified enough in the world market that, you know, even without China we’ve still got a lot of good, positive developments going on.”

One of those more recent trade developments in particular, Jones says could hold a lot of promise …

JONES … “Yeah, so, one of the good positives we have going on is in the EU markets. Trump announced a while back that we’re going to get an increased quota, non-tariff quota going into the EU on beef, so we look to see that ratified on the EU side sometime later this year and we’re looking forward to that next year. It could easily double our exports.”

Jones says that would easily double our exports and will be a real positive win for beef in general.

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