Fake Bacon Ad and Food and Farm Facts Book

Fake Bacon Ad and Food and Farm Facts Book

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The Center for Consumer Freedom is running a full-page ad in USA Today exposing the highly processed nature of fake, “plant-based” bacon.

According to agweb.com, roughly a third of consumers believe “plant-based” is equivalent to “minimally processed,” but the ingredient list reveals this is far from true.

The NOVA classification system states ultra-processed foods are “formulations of ingredients, mostly of exclusive industrial use, typically created by series of industrial techniques and processes.” A recent National Institutes of Health study found ultra-processed foods also cause weight gain.


**The new Food and Farm Facts book, map and pocket guide, produced by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, are now available.

at http://bit.ly/2vxwM3u.

AFBF Chairman Zippy Duvall sys "Food and Farm Facts provides the opportunity to share the story of agriculture, how and why farmers and ranchers do what they do to produce food, fiber and renewable fuel."

The 32-page Food and Farm Facts helps answer the questions "Where does our food come from and who grows it?" by exploring topics about agriculture in the U.S.

**California farmers are producing more pistachios to meet rising global demand.

This year's harvest is expected to produce the third-largest crop in state history, and growers expect to produce the state's first billion-pound crop next year.

Rising affluence in China and India, coupled with increasing health consciousness globally, are buoying demand for pistachios.

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