Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
If as the slogan goes, " Milk does a body good" then chocolate milk may do an athlete's body even better.

In the first-ever field-based study of high school athletes recovering post-workout, chocolate milk outperformed a commercial sports drink by a net strength difference of 6.7%.

The research was conducted in 2018 and published in the 2019 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. It showed high school athletes who drank chocolate milk lifted 3.5% more than before while the adolescents drinking a commercial sports drink lifted 3.2% less than before.

The study says, drinking chocolate milk within 30 minutes after a workout rehydrates, repairs and replenishes the body. The naturally occurring electrolytes and 90% water content rehydrate, while the 8 grams of protein helps repair muscles.

Previous studies have shown chocolate milk is effective for adults post workout.

However, the study only looked at youth post workout.

The sugar content in chocolate milk has some nutritionists unconvinced of its overall healthiness. And that has led to a possible ban on the drink in New York City public schools.

The state Farm Bureau, argues a ban on flavored milk would have a negative consequence on children's health and hurt the more than 4,000 dairy farms in the state. If the proposed ban is approved, New York would be the third city to ban chocolate milk, joining San Francisco and Washington D.C.

The chocolate milk study was initiated by Dairy MAX in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.

Dairy MAX represents and promotes dairy farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming,Montana and partners with the Louisiana Dairy Promotion Board.

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