Washington Wheat Harvest Pt 4

Washington Wheat Harvest Pt 4

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Washington wheat growers have enough to worry about during harvest season, like weather, yield, prices, and unresolved trade agreements.

So, when the President makes an offhanded comment like this ...

TRUMP ... "We have a massive deficit with Japan. They send us thousands and thousands, millions of cars. We send them wheat! Wheat! That's not a good deal! And they don't even want our wheat. They do it because they want us to at least feel that we're okay. You know, they do it to make us feel good."

... it left wheat farmers speechless ...

HENNINGS ... "Yes, it has. ... laughs ... It just seemed like, you know, it was a dismissive statement and he doesn't fully understand, maybe, the years of effort, the generations of wheat growers we have to build great relationships that we have with our customers in Japan."

Washington Association of Wheat Growers Executive Director, Michelle Hennings says Japan doesn't buy our wheat offhandedly ...

HENNINGS ... "Japan buys our wheat because of its quality and the relationship that we earned with them and earned their trust. So, we wanted to make sure that we got out there in the media letting him know that that statement was very uncalled for and this is what the facts are."

But, Hennings says it's not all bad ...

HENNINGS ... "We appreciate many of the things the administration has done for agriculture, but we really, sincerely hope that the administration will take the time to learn about and appreciate the great success story that has been built between wheat growers in the U.S. and our customers in Japan."

Hennings says it's all just very frustrating given the current ag economy.

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