Apple Forecast 2019 Pt 3

Apple Forecast 2019 Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. 2019 apple production is expected to be 18% higher than last year at 137.3-million boxes, while organic production continues to increase as well.

The Washington State Tree Fruit Association's Tim Kovis says organic is up about 23% ...

KOVIS ... "So, we're projecting an increase in organic production, projecting about 18.3-million boxes. And, last year's crop, we're looking at about 14-million boxes that were actually marketed and sold as organic."

But, Kovis says not all organic apples are sold as such ...

KOVIS ... "The thing to remember with the organic crop, we estimate what is the total universe of organically grown apples, however due to pack out issues and market issues, some of those organics are sold as conventional so the number does, historically, move with those two variables that we can't predict in August."

And, Kovis says that will have "some" impact ...

KOVIS ... "But, we are still projecting and increase of organic production in the total crop regardless of how it's being sold or the pack out issues."

In the end, Kovis says it's all about what consumers want ...

KOVIS ... "That's very true and, you know, it takes a number of years to transition from conventional to organic so we do see our growers are responding to that consumer demand.

The forecast is based on a survey of WSTFA member and is an estimate of the total volume packed and sold on the fresh market.

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