Washington Wheat Harvest Pt 1

Washington Wheat Harvest Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Wheat harvest is past the midway point in Washington state and so far-so good for growers. Washington Association of Wheat Growers Michelle Hennings says the word she's hearing from farmers is for the most part, positive ...

HENNINGS ... "I have heard pretty good reports. I've heard average to above average this year. Of course, it's not a bumper crop, but anything above average is always a good thing for farmers. So, I haven't heard of a lot that's really below average, which is good news to the farmers."

But, given the cooler weather we've had this year, Hennings says they are a little behind schedule ...

HENNINGS ... "Right now, our winter wheat is 73% harvested which is behind the 5-year average of 87% harvested at this time. Spring wheat is 33% harvested and normally it's 62% harvested. So, as you can see, we're behind this year. I would say, probably a week-and-a-half behind our normal schedule of harvesting."

And that, Hennings says, is due to the cool weather ...

HENNINGS ... "Yes, but it didn't seem to really have a huge effect on the quality of the crop, which is good."

So, wheat harvest overall?

HENNINGS ... "Right now, I haven't heard a lot of disappointing reports from farmers. So, right now, I'm hearing average to above average for the most parts."

So much for the good news, tune in tomorrow and hear about the financial side that has wheat growers grumbling over their return on investment the past couple of growing seasons.

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