Agrian Pt 2

Agrian Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The farm to table process has evolved quickly in recent years with technology changing the way producers of all kinds do their jobs each and every day.

California-based Agrian is a company that brings you easy to use software to capture, share and store your production data. Agrian's Pacific Northwest Division Manager Erik Shumaker says it's about keeping up with a rapidly changing process...

SHUMAKER ... "Yeah, very much so. So, our guys are getting more and more demands out there, having to make more and more decisions with more and more data. And so, we have to help bring that data in with fewer guys making those decisions, so it's got to be quick, easy and simple."

But, does the information come in real time? ...

SHUMAKER ... "Yes, I mean as close as possible, yeah. So, as long as guys are connected to the field, and that's been our motto from day one is being able to share that information but not have it as laagered in time out there. So, everything, as long as people have a cell phone connection or connected to the internet, it's just real time is when that scouts out there making an observation, as soon as they save that, the growers got that information, the agronomist has got that information and it's there."

Shumaker says you can actually see the changes just glancing into any tractor or truck on the farm ...

SHUMAKER ... "Yeah, it is. It's a fast-moving market. I mean, you made a great point there too, was that we have some great partnerships with integrations out there so along with that equipment out there, that information coming in from 'as applied,' those tractors and those sprayers, they come in and that's real time and being able to share that and make those observaitons."

Go to, that's A-G-R-I-A-N-dot-COM to learn more about their high-tech services.

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