Ceres Imaging Aerial Intelligence Pt 1

Ceres Imaging Aerial Intelligence Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Keeping an eye on your crops. That's the specialty of Ceres Imaging, a company that uses proven, scientific techniques to help growers make educated decisions with aerial intelligence and analysis.

I spoke with Ceres' Dustin Gargas at the Potato Expo in Austin Texas about how his company helps growers ...

GARGAS ... "We provide multi-spectral, aerial, thermal imagery that allows us to get in front of problems seven to ten days before the naked eye. We have proprietary indices that allow us to look at very specific aspects to the growing process. The water-stress index looks at any type of exhibition of stress from the plant on the top of the canopy for things like irrigation-related problems, pest and disease breakouts, things of that nature."

Gargas says they use a fixed-wing Cesna to proactively detect problems within your crop before damage occurs ...

GARGAS ... "Yeah, absolutely. So, traditionally you'll see imagery of this nature in a satellite form. The problem with that is that the resolution is only 1-to-2 meters and the image is taken when the satellite does its orbit."

And, he says using fixed-wing airplane works better than smaller aerial options ...

GARGAS ... "With the fixed-wing aircraft, we're able to get resolution down to sub-meter to get to that individual row level. And, additionally we're also able to cover the acreage that you would need that you can't get from a drone."

Listen tomorrow for more on Ceres' eye-in-the-sky approach to staying ahead of any problems that could cost you money if undetected.

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