Ceres Imaging Aerial Intelligence Pt 2

Ceres Imaging Aerial Intelligence Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. We talked yesterday about a company that's helping growers stay ahead of any potential problems in their crops from high above the earth with technology that reaches far below the soil.

At the Potato Expo in Austin, Texas, I asked Ceres Imaging's Dustin Gargas if their aerial intelligence and analysis is used for crops other than potatoes ...

GARGAS ... "Yeah, so we cover about 40 crops today, and that's constantly growing. Some of our main exposure early on was, when we did work with USDA and University of California Cooperative Extension, was for almonds and wine grapes. And, today we're expanding into a multitude of crops all over the United States and Australia."

He says this kind of technology brings us information we just couldn't get a few years ago ...

GARGAS ... "Exactly! It's part of an ag-tech wave that's allowing growers to make informed decisions with data instead of trying to aggregate things at the end of the season."

Gargas says even farmers who use their experience and intuition to make decisions can be helped with this

technology ...

GARGAS ... "Exactly! I guess it's a good way to provide a gut-check. We deliver the imagery in 24 to 48 hours and what that allows the growers to do is to monitor, let's say, an application of a product, check for accuracy of their irrigation equipment and make sure that things are performing in a uniform manner across the field."

Contact Dustin or one of the other Ceres Imaging Reps if you have questions about this exciting technology and how it can help you.

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